Native American Studies at Illinois State University

How to Apply

Students must be in good academic standing with at least a 2.00 GPA. For more information, email the undergraduate advisor, Susan Kalter (, visit her in Stevenson 424J or call at (309) 438-8660.  You may also apply direct to the minor through iCampus.

Undergraduate Minor

Requirements of the Minor in Native American Studies:

Students are required to take an interdisciplinary core of four courses from three different departments and Interdisciplinary Studies.

In addition, students take two electives to round out their program.

Electives from approved offerings by faculty in the field of Native American Studies may be selected as alternatives to the list of electives below.


18 hours required.

Interdisciplinary Core — 12 hours

  • IDS 121.29 (Native Writers on Native Issues) or an equivalent interdisciplinary introductory course approved by the director
  • ANT 272 (North American Indians) or ANT 384 (formerly ANT 283; North American Archaeology)
  • ENG 266 Native American Literature and Culture
  • HIS 104.06 (History of…Indigenous Peoples:  Native Americans) or HIS 310 (Native American History)

Students may take the core courses in any order.  We recommend, but do not require, that students take the introductory course first.

Electives  —  6 hours

  • ANT 272 North American Indians (if not taken to fulfill core)
  • ANT 280 Cherokee Culture to 1830
  • ANT 384 (formerly ANT 283) North American Archaeology (if not taken to fulfill core)
  • HIS 104.06 History of…Indigenous Peoples:  Native Americans (if not taken to fulfill core)
  • HIS 310 Native American History (if not taken to fulfill core)
  • Departmental or IDS 287 Independent Study (may be on- or off-campus; may apply 3 hours towards the minor)
  • Departmental or IDS 298/398.02 Professional Practice:  Internship/Cooperative Education (may be on- or off-campus; may apply 3 hours towards the minor)

NOTE: This program must be planned in consultation with the Native American Studies faculty director. With director approval, ISU and transfer courses other than those listed above may be counted toward the minor.